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Be honest, who really wants to grow up?

I tried writing this introduction to my work more than once, and each time I did, it felt less and less real. So I decided to take a risk and just be honest, so here goes…

I enjoy working with creatives and innovators who cherish photography. Who enjoy collaboration and who aren’t afraid to explore new talent and new visual directions for their brand, because they know that innovation, positivity and hard ‘graft’ is more rewarding and fulfilling than the status quo.

I don’t ever want to grow up and don’t let the grey fool you, it’s just a disguise to make me look older than I act. That’s why I love working with kids - even the ones who don’t listen, because sometimes, they’re the ones who give you something that is truly magical, and unplanned.

I know working with children can be demanding and it isn’t for everyone, but if its what you do and you are would like some fresh input and energy that leads to crafted, real and rewarding photography for your next project, then please, get in touch.